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strategic positioning

Building your business is one thing.

Positioning it to maximise its value is another.

At North Ridge Partners we work with you on your business (not in it), to develop and execute the strategies that will optimise your financings and, ultimately, your exit. This takes time, deep knowledge of your business and often, some lateral thinking.

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Throughout the Asia Pacific and beyond, we have relationships with investors who understand technology. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver value-added capital that comes with experience, advice, and a helping hand when the going gets tough.

Our longstanding global relationships with venture funds, family offices, ultra-high net worth individuals, private equity funds and public market investors mean that we can unlock the right capital for your risk profile and investment horizon.

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We’re experienced deal-makers who have built, financed and sold numerous technology companies. On our journey we’ve completed hundreds of deals worth billions of dollars, both for our own portfolio and for like-minded founders. So we understand what it takes!

Whether you are buying a bolt-on business, divesting a non-core product, or planning your ultimate exit, M&A is in our blood. We aim to be your trusted partner for the journey - and we aim for transformational results.

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Since the early 2000s, North Ridge Partners has been investing in public technology companies that needed a transformational approach.

Ask us about our experience in turning around, financing, building and selling growth companies like Software of Excellence, Arnold Travel Technology,, Tru-Test Corporation, Asia Pacific Digital, the SMART Group and more recently, Geo.

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